Minnesota's Pork Producers Suffering

by 5m Editor
1 May 2008, at 8:20am

US - Minnesota pork producers are not benefiting from higher prices. And rising feed costs are hurting the industry.

With rising food prices and skyrocketing commodity costs, the profits raining on farms across the country have not fallen evenly. Arablr growers may be benefitting from higher farm gate proces but pig farmers are suffereing

Faced with runaway feed and energy costs, the pork industry has gone months without turning a profit, say the Star Tribune. Analysts say it will be a year, possibly longer, before prices and costs break even.

The fallout will shutter some pig farms, shrink others and raise the cost of pork at supermarkets. It also has members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation asking the federal government to help shore up farmers' losses.

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5m Editor