RSPCA Takes Pig Action into the Classroom

by 5m Editor
12 May 2008, at 11:51am

AUSTRALIA - The RSPCA in Australia took its activism into primary school class rooms in Brisbane, where pupils played pigs to demonstrate what it was like for sows to be kept in stalls.

The action led up to Mothers' Day and was designed to tell the community that "pigs are mums too".

According to The Land - FarmonLine about 50 parents and teachers gathered to hear the Year Six students at Holland Park State School speak about the "horrors" faced by sows kept in two-metre long stalls, with little room to move and care for their young.

The Pink for Pigs day was organised as part of the school's active citizenship curriculum and students have been working for several months to educate the community, The Land said.

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5m Editor