BPEX Warns: Don't Leave Data Gathering Dust

by 5m Editor
6 June 2008, at 10:31am

UK - A wealth of data is available to pig producers to help improve production and herd health which will, in turn, help improve cost of production.

All this information is available in the Pig Yearbook 2008 which also tells producers how the BPEX Knowledge Transfer (KT) team can keep them right up-to-date with what's available.

The KT team was busier than ever last year, making sure levy payers had the information they needed to reduce costs, increase output and maximise value.

The Pig Yearbook 2008 gives practical advice on how to get the most from the KT team and how the team has been helping put pig producers on the Road to Recovery.

It is a one-stop shop with all the information that anyone involved in the pig industry needs, with a comprehensive round-up of industry performance. Exclusive to the publication is comprehensive performance data from Agrosoft Ltd, to help producers benchmark their own business.

BPEX Ltd Chief Executive Mick Sloyan said: "The key performance indicators in the Yearbook show a significant improvement in pigs finished per sow, growth rates and mortality.

"Producers are still fighting the effects of rocketing feed costs, but the information in the book along with the help from the KT team can make a real difference."

5m Editor