Bridge Collapse Doesn't Break Tyson

by 5m Editor
26 June 2008, at 11:52am

US - Tyson Foods Inc. said Wednesday it is shifting the shipping of some product to trucks after a rail spur leading to its Columbus Junction, Iowa, pork plant collapsed into the Iowa River.

Libby Lawson, spokeswoman for Tyson, told the accident would not impact operations at the plant, which slaughters some 9,000 head per day. Tyson, which owns that portion of the railway bridge, only uses it to deliver product, she explained.

The incident occurred late Tuesday night. The short spur of the rail bridge gave way while operators were trying to clear four rail cars containing water that were there to stabilize that portion of the bridge during recent floods, Lawson said.

According to Meatingplace, three railroad workers were involved. Two of them were released at the scene and one was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries said to be not critical.

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5m Editor