Dutch Pig Organisations Join Forces

by 5m Editor
23 June 2008, at 3:01pm

NETHERLANDS - The activities of the Dutch organisations Van Gennip KI, PIC and Hypo/Parvak have joined together under the new name Preferent KI.

Preferent KI would like to distinguish itself by focusing on cost price reduction and by delivering semen from both reproductive and terminal boars with a very high health status.

The new national organisation will work under cooperation with KI Twente, where the production and distribution of Preferent KI genetics will be handled.

Van Gennip has a majority share of 55 per cent in the new organisation, Hypor 35 per cent, and PIC 10 per cent.

The organisation, under director Harrie van Gennip, has five production locations within The Netherlands: Lierop (headquarters), Best, Vijlen and two locations in Staphorst.

Laboratory and distribution centres will be established in Lierop and Staphorst.

Preferent KI plans to extend activities further throughout The Netherlands where its current market share is 15 per cent.

5m Editor