EU Pig Prices: EURO 2008 Makes No Difference!

by 5m Editor
24 June 2008, at 11:10am

EU - Yes, everybody loves a good barbecue, especially during the Euro 2008. BUT it appears that Europe's having a hard time maintaining pig prices, but with a few exceptions.

Some of Europe's countries are tightening on prices. This week, the France market is busy with price a slight increase in price quotations. Denmark's prices, on the other hand, are unchanged, the country still lagging behind, reports

Reports from the other countries are as follows: Belgium quotes minus 7 cents, Germany minus 5 cents as do the Netherlands and Austria reports on minus 4 cents.

The reason for the weakness of the slaughter market? The downright disappointing business in the meat sector! Due to Germany's market fall, neighbouring are also being impeded.

Trend: No matter what the outcome of the EURO 2008 may be, at present, development of prices are somewhat hard to determine. While on the one hand, weather predictions are favourable, with supporters continuing to barbecue, the summer holidays will start off soon in Germany, on the other.

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5m Editor