EU Pig Prices: Market Balance Expected

by 5m Editor
17 June 2008, at 9:26am

EU - After last week's intermission in the slaughter market, the situation is now back to normal.

Most of the European countries have reported proportional demand and supply, although, surprisingly, barbecue meat is selling slowly. As a result of this, most countries are reporting unchanged prices, reports

Austria and the Netherlands have cut down on prices, while on the other hand, France and Great Britain have been able to raise their prices to a small extent.

Because of a lorry drivers' strike in Spain, the country has had to handle ample logistic problems in the areas of livestock transportation and deliveries to the retail sectors. However, this strike hasn't made much of an impact on the slaughter market.

Trend: It is expected that throughout Europe, the situation in the markets will remain balanced over the next few days. Since temperatures are expected to go up in a while, barbecue season is expected again with higher consumption of meat.

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5m Editor