Government Not Interfering in Pork Price Rise

by 5m Editor
2 June 2008, at 11:57am

TAIWAN - Taiwan's pork prices have been affected dramatically due to the skyrocketing of international commodities.

Council of Agriculture Chairman Chen Wu-Hsiung said Monday at the legislature that the government is taking a hands-off policy for now:

"There's no pork supply crisis. Pig farmers have to raise prices to reflect their costs. That's normal and nothing we should interfere with. If we hold down the price of pork, pig farmers will not raise more pigs which could result in a shortage down the line."

Seafood prices have also gone up as fishermen find the fuel costs for their ships too high for them to go out to sea. Chen said that the council would partially subsidize fuel and encourage fishermen to renew their fleet to boost efficiency.

5m Editor