Group Housing Saves Energy

by 5m Editor
19 June 2008, at 8:45am

AUSTRALIA - A pig farmer has made claims that group housing of pigs saves energy and that, as a result, her electricity bill has come down.

Claire Penniceard, from Victoria, has told an international gathering of the pork industry, on the Gold Coast this week, that the deep litter system and shed design cuts power use, reports ABC.

She says the bill for her 5000 pigs is now less than $100 a month.

"The grouping of pigs together, in a shelter arrangement, that is commonly in use here, domed textile-covered roof, half-height walls and adujstable side blinds, means that you have got a structure which is full of natural light, has natural ventilation, and can be modified to keep it cool or warm just by adjusting the blinds," she says.

North Queensland pig farmer, Robyn Boundy, says pigs are highly social and very intelligent, and like a bit of fun.

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