Hunt for Pig Farmer Film Makers

by 5m Editor
16 June 2008, at 11:45am

UK - The hunt is on for pig farmers in the UK to be presenters for a documentary-style short film on the feed price crisis and how the pig industry has responded.

Each farmer will be provided with a film crew and director for the day plus a script outline.

The idea is to produce four to six regional mini films and then edit these together to produce one national film as part of the Pigs Are Worth It! campaign.

Each presenter will be required to talk about the issues the pig industry faces on camera and film on his or her farm plus interview other producers, members of the public and cover any particular local stories in their area.

When finished the aim is to get the films played on local and national media as well as sell in the human interest story around the making of the films to the media to create further awareness of the campaign.

Filming is due late June/early July.

5m Editor