Philippine Province Suffers from Pork Shortage

by 5m Editor
6 June 2008, at 1:03pm

MARINDUQUE - Local government officials have reported on a shortage of pork in Marinduque province which has led to prices being driven up to as much as P190 per kg.

Carlito Fabaleñ, provincial director of the Department of Trade and Industry, confirmed complaints from consumers on the rising prices of meat products and the scarcity of supply in the province, according to the Inquirer.

He said there was basis to believe that massive export of pork from the province to other provinces could be one of the reasons for the shortage.

Dr. Josue Victoria, provincial veterinarian, said illegal traders were contributing to the shortage of pork in the province.

The illegal traders, he said, were reported to be scooping up pork in the towns of Gasan, Buenavista, Sta. Cruz, Boac and Torrijos.

“Hog raisers cross other provinces to sell their pigs to those who offer a higher buying price or they wait for traders coming in from other provinces,“ said Gerry Mayo, a hog raiser from Sta. Cruz.

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5m Editor