Pork Sellers Forced to Toughen Up Due to Prices

by 5m Editor
2 June 2008, at 1:02pm

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian pork sellers are faced with a decision that they would rather not make.

They may be forced to take harsher measures if there are further increases in pork prices by farmers, according to The Star Online.

Since pork prices escalated to an unprecedented high of RM7.10 per kilo recently, pork sellers have already called on consumers to boycott pork and have even stated that they would cease selling pork for three days in a week.

“If after a month pork prices continue to increase, we may have to sit down and think of other harsher measures to force the price down,“ said Malaysian Pork Sellers Association president Goh Chui Lai when contacted.

Asked why pork sellers would not just comply by increasing their prices, he said consumers would surely stop buying pork.

The Federation of Livestock Farmers Associations Malaysia said they empathised with the pork sellers but hoped that they understood the reason for the price increase.

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5m Editor