'Processed Animal Protein' Good News for Pig Farmers

by 5m Editor
4 June 2008, at 10:24am

UK - The European Food Standards Agency is to put the subject of processed animal protein on its current regulatory agenda. This signals reintroduction of processed animal protein in some livestock diets.

It is good news for farmers because the science supports a reintroduction of processed animal protein with appropriate safeguards, says Mark Adams, president of British Meat Processors Association.

“At a time when we are taking our environmental responsibilities seriously it is a great shame that we are currently having to dispose of what is a valuable protein source. It is important that all authorities who are required to base decisions on the best available science pay due attention to that science.“

It is vital, he says, that the entire food chain, including retailers and consumers, has a good understanding of the subject and that communication is based on true risk and not the perception of those risks.

The current debate is only related to animal feed for pigs and poultry and does not include any aspect of what some commentators have described as cannibalism eg. protein from one species being fed back to the same species.

There is also no discussion at the moment about any relaxation in the ban on mammalian protein for ruminants.

5m Editor