Weight Restriction Removed for Denagard®

by 5m Editor
16 June 2008, at 12:05pm

US – Pork producers can now use Denagard® (tiamulin) 10 Medicated Premix to combat costly enteric diseases in pigs weighing more than 250 pounds.

The Food and Drug Administration recently accepted the removal of the weight limit.

"Denagard is effective in pigs and market hogs of all ages, and now with the weight restriction removed, producers can use the product to control disease in animals weighing more than 250 pounds," says Steve Boren, head of the U.S. farm animal business for Novartis.

"Ileitis is a common disease concern in these animals," explains Boren. "Denagard 10 is an excellent option to control ileitis because it requires a smaller dosage – only 35 g/ton – and less medication time – as little as 10 days – than other ileitis treatments." Denagard also can be used for swine dysentery. When broader coverage is needed, Denagard can be fed with chlortetracycline (CTC).

As always, be sure to follow label directions and required withdrawal times. For more information, contact Novartis at 1-800-843-3386 or visit Caution: Do not feed undiluted. Do not use in feeds for animals other than swine. The effects of tiamulin on swine reproductive performance, pregnancy and lactation have not been determined.

5m Editor