EU Pig Prices: EU Market Stabilising

by 5m Editor
2 July 2008, at 9:45am

EU - For Germany, the end of the EURO 2008 is not exactly a "summer's fairytale".

Yet, the EU slaughter market does not lapse into a general depression but rather stabilises.

With demand for pork being much highet than the meat business in general, pig prices are reported to remain unchanged throughout Europe. Dutch abattoirs, for instance, are working to a 92-percent capacity only, according to

Just like they did last week, the French break ranks – stating slightly increased slaughter pig prices which they say are motivated by insufficiency of supply.

However, Spain reports quite the opposite: As a result of lorry drivers being on strike, delays are caused in the livestock trade. Being the new European football champion, the Spanish still need to cope with a 2 cents’ price decrease. Yet they remain leader of the European pig-prices ranking list.

Trend: With regard to the limited supply of live animals, the fact seems to play underpart that the EURO 2008 is over now. The stimulus needed in the meat business might be given by the beginning of the month and by splendid weather forecasts.

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5m Editor