EU Pig Prices: Germany Shows How it's Done

by 5m Editor
29 July 2008, at 9:42am

EU - This week, we find that prices go on rising in the European market.

Slaughter pig prices are booming. Other than last week, Germany released the brakes, now quoting plus 3 cents, reaching a corrected EUR 1.746/kg slaughter weight, thus bringing the country slightly ahead of Spain at the moment.

The Dutch slaughter companies have turned to Germany for guidance, followed by a plus 3 cent quotation. Motivation is the same everywhere; short supply meets brisk demand. Inter alia, one of the reasons the decreasing stocks connected to structural changes, as a result of the financial crisis experienced in the European pig keeping business. Supply is being shortened even more through live animal exports towards Poland and Hungary, reports

France’s extremely low price rise still has to do with the delays resulting from the French national holiday on 14th July. The distance is getting larger between the Danish quotation and that of the rest of Europe.

Quoting a corrected EUR 1.468/kg slaughter weight, the Danes are paid almost 30 cents less than their German colleagues are. The difference is even more extreme with regard to Poland as a "newcomer". Last week’s quotation was a corrected EUR 1.87/kg slaughter weight.

Trend: Now that the weather has improved, those who love barbecuing feel their lives sweeten just as much as the slaughter companies do, what with the barbecue meat trade having improved. Live animals on offer will go on being little in number. While on the one hand, the producers prefer to bring in the harvest first, on the other hand, the extremely hot temperatures make the pigs consume less feed, thereby making them grow less.

5m Editor