EU Pig Prices: Halt in German Prices

by 5m Editor
22 July 2008, at 11:17am

EU - This week, the European slaughter market has a pleasant picture to present.

The clearest price rise has been observed in Spain, taking the lead this week. However, the Spanish are a little anxious about their traditional price lead possibly going down over the summer months, allowing the European surroundings to close the gap. Denmark too reports on a moderate upward movement. Although the French had their national holiday last week (14th July), thus missing a day of slaughter, they have managed to increase their prices slightly.

German slaughter companies, on the other hand, have put the brakes on. Rise in price quotations have seen a halt this week due to sheer discontentment with its domestic meat market.

According to, prices shot up only very slightly in the Netherlands due to the producers' readiness to have their pigs delivered and also due to feed costs. Backlog is avoided this way.

Trend:Looking at the current weather situation, it appears that this is going to be an enjoyable holiday. Looks like a good barbecue season is at hand, and this is great for the market due to demand for barbecue meat. This goes to show that prices will continue to develop in a favourable manner.

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5m Editor