EU Pig Prices: Limited Supply Leads to Optimism

by 5m Editor
8 July 2008, at 3:13pm

EU - This week seems to show either stability in pork prices or a strong increase in parts of the EU market.

The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria are euphoric as prices in these countries have gone up by 7 cents. The reason? The limited quantity of pigs. Eastern Europe's exports seem to be flourishing, with countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania purchasing parts of or live pigs as a whole. At present, there have been no reports of any complaints regarding exports to Russia.

However, things are quite the opposite for Spain. Due to the national lorry drivers' strike, the collection of slaughter pigs has been delayed. As a result, supply has accumulated, leaving price quotations unchanged, reports

Denmark ranks last on the list again due to unchanged prices.

Trend: Expansion of slaughter pig supplies cannot be expected currently. There is high optimism throughout Europe regarding the strengthening of prices. A decrease in EU output figures is anticipated.

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5m Editor