Federal Authorities Urged to Fight ASF

by 5m Editor
16 July 2008, at 9:56am

RUSSIA - North Ossetia has urged federal authorities to help in the fight against African swine fever, the deputy head of the republic’s administration, Stanislav Baskayev, said on Tuesday.

According to Itar-Tass, it is necessary to consider compensations for farmers, who have to slaughter pigs.

“There is no vaccine or any other treatment against African swine fever. You have to cull pigs, there is no other way out,“ he said.

Around 18,000 pigs have to be culled in the Prigorodny district, where 1,000 pigs, including 183 infected animals, have already been slaughtered. The infection was registered in the Alagir, Digor, Pravoberezhnu and Iraf districts as well.

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