JBS-Swift Hog Plant Faces Temporary Shutdown

by 5m Editor
18 July 2008, at 7:34am

US - JBS-Swift & Co.'s Worthington, Minnesota, plant has been temporarily shut down by the USDA's inspectors due to an alleged breach of humane slaughter practices.

Slaughter ceased for a total of 14 hours when a hog passed the kill line but did not die, according to media reports that quoted truckers waiting outside the plant, reports

"Supposedly a hog went through the kill line and didn't die," one trucker told the Worthington Daily Globe. "They shot it three times, and the USDA inspector said it was inhumane and shut them down. That is what a Swift employee told me."

Amanda Eamich, spokewoman for the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, told the problem was caused by insufficient stunning of at least one animal.

Eamich explained that the 14-hour time period was necessary in order to ensure that the Swift plant, already under heightened FSIS scrutiny for similar violations that occurred earlier this year, was taking steps to sufficiently address the problem.

Swift could not be reached for comment.

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5m Editor