Pig Slurry of Value to Pig Farmers

by 5m Editor
14 July 2008, at 9:55am

UK - According to BPEX experts, rather than just the livestock itself, it is also what the animals produce that is of immense value to pig farmers.

The fertiliser value of slurry has long been recognised but, the way prices are going, that value is increasing dramatically, reports the NEBusiness.

BPEX Pig Technologist Nigel Penlington says the fertiliser value of one finishing pig place over a year is almost 320.

He added: “Producers have always known the value of slurry but that economic value is heading for three times what it has been for the last 10 years. Fertiliser was cheap and now it is very expensive. Ammonium nitrate was less than 3110 a tonne for years but now it is the other side of 3330 and phosphate prices are going through the roof.

“The value of pig slurry has increased in proportion. On top of that fertiliser is in short supply and payment is required quicker than it was in the past.

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5m Editor