PRRS Control and Prevention Regulations Issued

by 5m Editor
16 July 2008, at 11:08am

VIET NAM - The Ministry of Agriculture has issued regulations on the control and prevention of PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome).

The regulations are applicable to all State agencies, Vietnamese and foreign individuals and organisations, specialising in the raising, slaughtering and transportation of pigs on the Vietnamese territories.

The regulations focus on the control and prevention of PRRS, stressing on the supervision and early discovery of the epidemic, and a tightened control of slaughtering and transportation of pigs and pork products.

The Veterinary Department and the Animal Husbandry Department will be responsible for providing guidelines for localities on the implementation of the regulations. The departments also supervise and inspect the control and prevention of PRRS.

They also guide localities to implement regulations on animal husbandry management and conditions of stables and feed.

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5m Editor