TOPIGS: Brand New Farma Hitas in Greece

by 5m Editor
9 July 2008, at 2:47pm

GREECE - Recently Farma Hitas, one of Greece’s newest and most modern farms, was populated with TOPIGS 40 gilts and Top Pi boars.

Farma Hitas will also be populated with 200 pure line GPS breeding animals for replacement of sows with in-house nucleus production.

All gilts and boars originate from TOPIGS SPF farms. This factor combined with the enforcement of strict biosecurity protocols will enable the farm to realise high production figures while maintaining a very high health status.

The farm, with 2000 sows, is one of the most modern farms in southern Europe. It is equipped with a biogas installation and the most sophisticated heating and climate control systems. “We expect to produce safe and quality pork for the consumers while respecting the animals’ welfare and to do this against the lowest cost price so that we remain competitive on the European market” commented Mr Hitas, owner of the farm.

5m Editor