African Swine Fever Spreads in Georgia

by 5m Editor
18 August 2008, at 6:32am

GEORGIA - The spread of African swine fever [ASF] in Northern Ossetia, Georgia is a greater threat than avian flu says a report.

An outbreak in the region has resulted in more than 1500 animals dying as a result of the disease according to a recent unconfirmed report on RSOE EIDS. In spite of the state of emergency declared in Northern Ossetia, the spread continues.

Experts predict that the disease will soon cover the whole country without effective means to control it.

The first cases of this exotic disease has also been recorded in the Orenburg region. The disease is carried by swine and can be spread [mechanically] by humans, animal feed and transport [vehicles].

Astrakhan veterinarians are already preparing for the possible advance of the deadly disease, and local officials there have increased security measures.

The authorities are applying a radical approach, appealing to the local population to slaughter their pigs and immediately consume their meat as a matter of urgency.

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