Armenia Swine Fever Outbreak "Suppressed"

by 5m Editor
11 August 2008, at 7:25am

ARMENIA - An outbreak of African Swine Fever in Armenia last year has been completely suppressed says a government official.

According to a report on Armenian News Network, the Head of RA State Veterinary Inspection Grisha Baghyan said the outbreak was over. The statement was made following reports that some Armenians we being refused entry into Russia.

Mr Baghyan said "The recent rumours saying that the Russian airports are prohibiting RA citizens from exporting meat products, made in Armenia, are not officially confirmed as Rosselkhoznadzor (Russian agricultural regulatory authority) did not officially notified us about it".

At the same time, Mr Baghyan expressed the opinion that the problems Armenia's citizens were having entering Russia were probably connected either with absence of a proper documentation for import of foodstuffs in Russia or they are explained by unauthorized "activity" of one or two airports' employees.

The outbreak in early August, 2007 occurred in two northern regions of Armenia; Lori and Tavush.

A total of 7 sources of infection were identified in the country and, according to the responsible authorities, all the required measures were taken to control the spread of the virus including quarantine of the infection sources.

At the same time, the State Veterinary Service of Armenia imposed temporary ban for import of pork from Georgia.

5m Editor