Demand for Meat Falls in GB

by 5m Editor
18 August 2008, at 2:59pm

UK - In the Bulletin of 10 July we reported on the fall in consumer demand for beef and lamb in GB. According to a Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) bulletin, the latest household consumption figures for GB reported by the market researchers TNS show that demand for almost all categories of meat has fallen when the 12 weeks ending 13 July 2008 are compared with the equivalent period in 2007.

Less pork, bacon and poultry purchased

The volume of pork purchased decreased by three per cent as the average price increased 10 per cent to £4.80/kg. Total expenditure grew six per cent to £174 million. The amount of bacon sold dropped by four per cent, while expenditure increased by 10 per cent to £245 million, because of 14 per cent increase in the average retail price to £6.16/kg. Poultry sales dropped by one per cent, but an 8 per cent rise in the retail price to £3.87/kg led to the value of sales increasing by seven per cent to £461 million.

Sausage sales buck the market

The market for sliced cooked meat decreased one per cent in volume terms, because the average price increased seven per cent to £8.24/kg. Total sales grew seven per cent to £444 million. Sausages were the only product to experience rising sales in terms of volumes and values. The amount of sausages sold grew by two per cent even though the average price was up four per cent at £3.16/kg. Total expenditure on sausages increased six per cent to £135 million.

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