Formal Establishment of Hypor Mexico

by 5m Editor
22 August 2008, at 12:08pm

MEXICO - Hypor’s growth in Latin America was recently strengthened with the formal creation of Hypor Mexico on July 23, 2008.

The new company, Hypor Mexico S. de R.L de C.V , is owned by Hypor B.V. (99%) and Hendrix Genetics (1%). The newly created company will spearhead the distribution of Hypor’s genetics into the growing Mexican market.

Hypor entered the Mexican market in 2002. It currently has two dealerships in Mexico: Reproducción Porcina de Occidente (for the central western part of the country) and Nutriservicios (for the Central Eastern part of the country). The northern part of the country including Sonora State and Yucantan State in the south east will be managed directly by Hypor Mexico.

Well positioned to supply market

The company is already well positioned to supply the market. In 2002 A 350 GGP farm began production in Zacatecas (owned by Reproducción Porcina de Occidente S. A de C.V. ). In about one month, Hypor will populate another nucleus farm, run by Nutriservicios, with 500 GGP sows. As well, in 2007, Hypor populated its multiplication farm in Sonora with 1,000 GP sows.

“We are in a good position to grow Hypor in Mexico,“ said Luis Prieto Garcia, General Manager of Hypor Mexico, “The market currently has about 900,000 sows, and like most other markets globally there is trend for consolidation where the stronger and larger players grow. Hypor’s advantages lie in its ‘world’s local breeder’ program, the BioHypor program and its technical service program.“

Hypor’s BioHypor program uses the latest breeding technology to aid producers in maintaining the highest rate of genetic progress and pig quality. Through the BioHypor program, participants have access to the best available genes of purebred sires from various Hypor AI Studs. The program starts with high health animals, and guarantees the highest genetic progress with exceptional performance. Producers benefit from regular technical support visits and benchmark comparisons against other producers within the system. BioHypor is a money saver as it generates maximum technical performance and reduces the cost of production, especially when compared to the investments required for conventional replacement systems. With BioHypor, producers can effectively minimize the delay in dissemination of genetic superiority from GGP to F1. BioHypor enables producers to steer their program for tailor-made final products that meet their local quality demands.

Hypor Mexico is a subsidiary of Hypor, the Pig Breeding Division of multi-species breeding company Hendrix Genetics headquartered in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. With a number of wholly owned operations and joint ventures across the world in 24 countries on 4 continents, it serves the world’s poultry and pork industry in more than 100 countries with about 1,000 employees.

5m Editor