Over 5,000 South Russian Pigs Killed by ASF

by 5m Editor
5 August 2008, at 10:30am

RUSSIA - It is now reported that African swine fever virus (ASF) in Russia's North Caucasus republic of North Ossetia has so far killed over 5,000 pigs.

RIA Novosti says that around 1,300 pigs died of the virus and more than 3,800 pigs have been culled in the republic since the outbreak was registered on June 30 in four of the province's eight districts.

A state of emergency has been declared in the province.

Outbreaks of the highly contagious virus are rare outside Africa, but in spring 2007 Georgia, which borders North Ossetia, saw outbreaks in 10 regions. A total of 20,000 pigs were culled.

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