Pigs: Renewable Fuel of the Future?

UK - The future of renewable energy could be in pigs, according to environmentally responsible energy firm, Green Energy UK.
calendar icon 15 August 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

Renewable energy normally conjures up images of wind turbines and solar panels, but Green Energy UK's innovative electricity generators are creating renewable energy from a range of waste materials which include landfill gas, unwanted wood, vegetable matter and even pig waste, according to Fair Investment.

"These materials traditionally would sit in landfill, or as with pig waste, manure on fields, decomposing and giving off greenhouse gasses," says Green Energy UK, "but they are now being given extended life and purpose.

"Recycling waste into power like this means less fossil fuels are needed to create the nation’s electricity. This is good news for the government in helping meet EU targets to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy by 2020."

Green Energy UK has 'waste' generators throughout the country; they work by treating the waste to remove harmful greenhouse gasses and is used to produce green electricity.

For example, at a pig farm in Aberdeenshire, pig waste is treated through an anaerobic digester where microorganisms inside break down the biodegradable material to create a green biogas. The biogas is burnt to power a turbine that makes green electricity.

"Pretty much any organic matter can be used to produce biogas;" says Energy UK, "we could be reaping energy from farm waste, and from all of the organic waste - like uneaten food - that makes up about half of our landfill.”

Green Energy UK co-founder and chief executive for Green Energy UK, Doug Stewart, explains why green energy is so important.

"By recycling organic waste into energy, utilising biomass and clean combined heat and power (CHP) methods, alongside our solar, hydro and wind power projects, we are trying to establish what we think is a stable, sensible, long-lasting energy solution that will maintain the modern quality of life and benefit future generations.

"It is going to take time, but it’s important for many reasons that the UK has a reliable energy source that is kind to the environment, plentiful and under its control. In theory, the UK has resources to run itself entirely from renewable energy."

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