Swine Budget Shows Loss of $30 per Pig

by 5m Editor
7 August 2008, at 8:12am

CANADA - The June 2008 budget figures compiled by John Bancroft, Swine Strategies Program Lead at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) show average income of C$138 per pig and costs of over C$169.

The OMAFRA budget was calculated based on the estimated accumulated cost for a market hog sold in June 2008. The farrow-to-wean phase estimates the weaned pig costs for January 2008, the nursery phase estimates the feeder pig cost for March 2008 and the grow/finish period subsequently. All costs and income figures are in Canadian dollars.

Total costs for the farrow-to-wean, nursery and grow-finish phases were C$35.90, C$24.90 and C$103.82, respectively, making a total of CC$169.23.

Feed costs accounted for CC$12.05, CC$13.77 and CC$78.16 for each phase, respectively. At C$105.79 in total, feed constituted 62.5% of total costs.

Total variable cost per pig was C$148.17, while fixed costs (depreciation, interest, tax and insurances) came to C$21.06.

The income for a market pig weighing 92.03kg was C$139.44, while total costs were C$169.23, making a net loss per pig of C$29.79.

Costs per phase of production Farrow to Wean Nursery Grow-Finish Farrow to Finish
Income (C$/pig)
Market Pig @ C$138.54/ckg, 109.37 index, 92.03 kg C$139.44
Variable Costs (C$/pig)
Breeding Herd Feed @ 1,100 kg/sow C$12.05 C$13.20
Nursery Feed @ 32.6 kg/pig C$13.77 C$14.43
Grower-Finisher Feed @251 kg/pig C$78.16 C$78.16
Net Replacement Cost for Gilts C$2.75 C$3.01
Health C$1.96 C$3.16 C$2.25 C$7.70
Breeding (A.I. & Supplies) C$1.41 C$1.54
Marketing C$3.56 C$3.56
Utilities (Hydro, Gas) C$1.96 C$1.18 C$1.64 C$5.02
Miscellaneous C$0.45 C$0.15 C$0.35 C$1.00
Manure Disposal C$0.83 C$0.33 C$1.13 C$2.39
Repairs & Maintenance C$0.70 C$0.38 C$1.13 C$2.29
Labour C$6.96 C$1.96 C$4.00 C$13.67
Operating Loan Interest C$0.44 C$0.51 C$1.17 C$2.18
Total Variable Costs C$29.50 C$21.44 C$93.39 C$148.17
Fixed Costs (C$/pig)
Depreciation C$3.48 C$1.88 C$5.67 C$11.44
Interest C$2.23 C$1.20 C$3.63 C$7.32
Taxes & Insurance C$0.70 C$0.38 C$1.13 C$2.29
Total Fixed Costs C$6.40 C$3.46 C$10.43 C$21.06
Summary of Costs (C$/pig)
Feed C$12.05 C$13.77 C$78.16 C$105.79
Other Variable C$17.45 C$7.67 C$15.23 C$42.38
Fixed C$6.40 C$3.46 C$10.43 C$21.06
Total Variable & Fixed Costs C$35.90 C$24.90 C$103.82 C$169.23
Net Return Farrow to Finish (C$/pig) -C$29.79
Farrow to Weaned Pig Cost (C$/pig) C$35.90
Farrow to Feeder Pig Costs (C$/pig) C$62.43
Wean to Finish Costs (C$/pig) C$129.91
Farrow to Finish Breakeven Price (C$/ckg, 100 index) C$168.13

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