Danish Politicians Use Bureaucracy to Peg Production

by 5m Editor
23 September 2008, at 10:55am

DENMARK - Significant decline in supplies of pigs to Danish slaughterhouses is said to have cost 1,500 slaughterhouse workers their jobs.

There are several reasons for the shortfall in pig numbers — a growing number of producers are sending their pigs to Germany for a better price, and high feed costs have caused the national herd to shrink.

But according to pig producers’ representatives, the Danish government must shoulder a large share of the blame because of its “irresponsible mismanagement” which has caused applications for pig unit expansion to sit on shelves gathering dust.

According to the Danish slaughterhouse workers union, the delays cannot be caused only by excessive bureaucracy in Denmark's environment laws... they must be a deliberate ploy by politicians to peg pig production.

5m Editor