Defra Releases Farm Health Planning Model

by 5m Editor
15 September 2008, at 12:50pm

UK - Twelve models are now available to vets, advisers and farmers allowing them to discover the potential cost of disease to the farm business and the benefits of effective control measures.

Developed by Reading University in partnership with Defra and industry, the models allow the user to input farm specific details and disease assumptions, see the potential cost of disease and the difference that disease control measures might make.

The models have a number of potential uses. They can be used by a vet or adviser with a farmer to explore the possible costs associated with a disease and the likely benefits of different methods of control or act as a useful ‘conversation tool’ to discuss with farmers their disease control methods.

The models can also be used as a demonstration tool with farmers, or farmer groups, to show farmers the risks that their business might face due to a particular disease and how different control measures can help to reduce those risks, and at what potential cost.

Further Reading

- All the models can be accessed via the Reading University website by
clicking here.

5m Editor