Liz Hurley Produces Britain's Finest Quality Pork

by 5m Editor
18 September 2008, at 7:58am

LONDON - English actress and former model, Elizabeth Hurley, has turned to her farm to produce prime quality pork.

The 43-year-old moved into the country and is now supplying meat from her 100-acre Cotswold estate to local butchers and hotels.

Thaindian News reports that the high quality meat is sold as Hurley Old Spot from the Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs bred especially on her farm.

"Her pigs are excellent quality. The breed provides a good flavour. Its a different taste altogether," butcher Perry Meredith was quoted as saying.

"We use the whole pig. It produces beautiful Sunday roast joints and prime bacon and sausages," he added.

5m Editor