Quality Standard Mark to Continue

by 5m Editor
30 September 2008, at 6:54am

UK - The consultation on the potential for a single quality mark does not mean the pig industry's Quality Standard Mark (QSM) has been consigned to the bin.

Whatever happens, it will be business as usual for at least the next year, said BPEX Consumer Marketing Manager, Chris Lamb.

His comments came in the wake of the publication of the AHDB consultation on quality schemes and branding, which is looking at whether levy funds should be used to support a single cross-sector quality mark.

Mr Lamb said, "The QSM has been, and will continue to be, vital in differentiating British pork and putting across the higher welfare message to consumers.

"At the moment the industry is still going through difficult times so it is even more important for the work we are doing to continue and be expanded.

"There is a great deal of marketing work in the pipeline for the coming year pulling together the QSM and at the same time supporting the 'Pigs are worth it' campaign," he added.

5m Editor