Recent Weeks Witness Pig Price Squeeze

by 5m Editor
5 September 2008, at 9:10am

The chart above tracks prices from an index of 100 in July last year. It shows how the pig price has been squeezed in recent weeks by retailers.

This is partly a result of depressed demand (or so we are told) but also it is a reaction against five weeks in early summer when DAPP was on fire — up 2p on June 7, up 2.2p on June 14, up 2.1p on June 21, and up 1.5p on June 28.

Undeniably, buyers have been successful at taking steam out of the British pig price, but slaughter numbers continue to fall both here and on the continent, sterling is weakening, and the cold wet weather, whilst worrying for arable farmers, will see consumers returning to hot meals.

Spot prices will soon start to gather momentum, and DAPP will not be far behind.

5m Editor