Swine Fever Bound to Wipe Out Wild Boar Population

by 5m Editor
1 September 2008, at 10:02am

INDIA - according to Forest Department sources, swine fever, which is most likely to wipe out the entire wild boar population, has been confirmed in Thekkady.

Tests conducted on carcass samples have tested positive for the highly contagious disease affecting pigs and wild boars.

The Hindu reports that a few animals in the forest area of the Periyar Tiger Reserve of Thekkady are reported to have died due to the infection. Carcasses of wild boar were spotted in Sakunthalalkad and other areas of the Reserve, Forest officials said.

The disease will not be transmitted to human beings or other animals, but it is capable of wiping out the entire pig population, according to experts.

In the case of pigs grown on farms, the preventive measure is to cull the affected animals and vaccinate the unaffected ones. O.P. Kaler, Field Director of the Reserve, said the animals had been infected from sewage (contaminated water and other refuse) from Kumily panchayat and adjoining areas. Wild boars feed on the untreated water and other refuse that flow freely into the Reserve from hotels and restaurants.

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