Latest Report on Classical Swine Fever in Brazil

by 5m Editor
3 October 2008, at 7:14am

BRAZIL - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has received a follow-up report from the Brazilian veterinary authority regarding a case of classical swine fever.

The only outbreak to date started on 14 August 2008 It occurred on a farm in Barra do Corda, Maranhao, in a group of pigs aged 60-120 days. Of a group of 35 pigs, 12 died. Diagnosis was confirmed on 25 September, and the remaining pigs were destroyed on 27 September. Cleaning and disinfection of the premises and equipment have been carried out.

A 10-km security zone around the outbreak was still in place. So far, 55 farms were visited with a total number of 150 animals examined. No other outbreaks were reported up to date.

Epidemiological surveillance continues.

The outbreak is outside the zone declared nationally as free from classical swine fever.

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