Pork Prices Drop Down to Bt5/ kg

by 5m Editor
30 October 2008, at 8:18am

THAILAND - Swine producers have agreed to cut pig prices by Bt1 per kg, to Bt55, with immediate effect, which would lead to a Bt5-per-kg drop in pork prices.

Surachai Sutthitham, president of the Swine Raisers Association, said red meat will now retail at Bt105-Bt107 per kg.

The Nation reports that he attributed the decision to a 5 per cent drop in feed meal cost. He refrained from commenting if the price would be further cut, citing that the government's corn price intervention could delay a further drop in feed meal prices.

He noted that the corn pledging price of Bt8.50 per kg is over market value.

5m Editor