Big Dutchman Takes the Lead Again

by 5m Editor
4 November 2008, at 10:13am

GERMANY - With the newly developed DynamicAir method for pig management, industry leader Big Dutchman is once again a step ahead.

DynamicAir determines the amount of air that passes trough an exhaust air chimney without the need for the installation of mechanical, often trouble-sensitive additional fixtures in the chimney. This results in significantly reduced investment, maintenance and operating costs.

DynamicAir consists of a measured exhaust air chimney and a vacuum gauge. Thanks to the efficient interaction of swivel shutter, exhaust air fan and differential pressure measurement, the required exhaust air volume flow can be maintained.

"The result is custom-made minimum ventilation on the basis of the carbon dioxide concentration contained in the house air and the air humidity," explained product manager, Andreas Kerßens.

5m Editor