DanBred Ranks First in German Breeding Programme

DENMARK - The Danish pig breeding programme, DanBred, recently achieved first place in a test of seven breeding programmes carried out by the Agricultural Chamber in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
calendar icon 20 November 2008
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A total of 104 pigs from each breeding system was included in these tests where pigs were tested from 30 - 121 kg (60 - 265 lb.). All tested pigs were progeny of boars of the same Pietrain line crossed with sows from the pertinent breeding programmes involved in this German test.

The results for DanBred pigs were US$10.70 better per pig than the average of the other crossbred lines included in the test.

In a number of areas, DanBred achieved the best results in the test with the following data:

Danish Large White (Yorkshire), Maternal line with very high prolificy, good mothering ability and very strong.

13.63 liveborn piglets per litter and 11.04 weaned piglets per litter. Daily growth rate: 1.882 lb. Feed intake: 5.346 lb. per day. Feed conversion per day: 2.28 through the trial period.

DanBred attained second place in the test in two areas: Lean meat content 58.9% and hams weighing 30.26 lb. (two hams per carcass).

DanBred's export organization, DanBred International, will, among other topics, explain the results of this German test at the Agromek Exhibition in Herning, Denmark during the period 25th to 29th November.

Danish Duroc Terminal line with excellent performance in regard to FCR, daily gain, meat content and quality.

DanBred International is an organization which is owned by breeders and multiplier herd owners under DanBred.

Danbred International exports Danish breeding stock, cross-bred stock and breeding know-how to 30 countries. These exports involve approximately 40,000 pigs per annum.

This export organization has established multiplier herds in USA and 9 other countries and has agencies in 15 countries.

Cooperating pig breeder members in the DanBred system carry out intensive, objective breeding with pure-bred stock. This forms the important basis for the impressive competitive ability of Danish pig producers.

The genetic platform for Danish pig production is present in the approximately 30 pedigree herds which work in the improvement of the hereditable genes in Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc breeds.

This same genetic information focus is utilized in the approximately 180 multiplier herds which apply pure-bred stock in order to multiply and produce cross-bred pigs that provide the best production results.

Productivity in Danish pig production improves continuously from year to year. This is the nucleus of the competitive ability of Danish pig producers. The production level is documented by the following key figures from Danish Pig Production's year book 2008:

The numbers of piglets produced per year sow, on an average for the herds, increased from 24.3 in 2005 to 25.2 in 2007. The best 25 percent of these herds produced an average of 28.1 piglets per year sow.

The average daily gain was increased from 1.676 in 2005 to 1.732 in 2007. The best 25 percent of these herds showed an average gain of 1.838.

The average feed consumption was 6.13 lbs. in 2007. The best 25 percent of these herds attained a feed efficiency of 2.59 lb.

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