Europe's Pig Industry Resembles a Plane

by 5m Editor
27 November 2008, at 8:35am

EU - "Regulations are good for politicians but not for the farmers," said Detlef Breuer, manager of German pig farmers' organisation ISN, at Danish agricultural show Agromek.

He teamed up with the Dutch and Danes to express pan-industry concern about regulatory overload in the pig industry. "It's incredible what they think about."

Air quality legislation, the 2013 stalls ban, hesitation over genetically modified feed and the introduction of farm inspections in Germany— all will lead to increases in costs, making it difficult to compete, he said.

His plea for some proportionality was supported by Wyno Zwanenburg, chairman of the Dutch Union for Pig Producers, and Hans Aarestrup, chairman of Danish Pig Producers.

Aarestrup said: "The pig industry might resemble a plane that is so safe that it cannot crash... there is only one problem: it can't fly anymore."