Pig Population up by 43% in Leningrad

by 5m Editor
18 November 2008, at 5:04am

RUSSIA - Numbers are up by 43% at Agricultural Complex in the Leningrad region for the first nine months of 2008 compared to last year.

Meat Russia reports that pig stocks in Agricultural Complex grew by 43% for nine months of the current year in Leningrad Region, including agricultural organizations where the stock increased 1.6-fold. About 20% of the stock is kept on private and commercial farms.

For 2007, pig numbers in the region increased by 3% to 68,700 heads. According to statistics data, for first 8 months of 2008, total pig numbers on all farms in the region was 100,500.

Constructed this year, the largest farm in the region is pig breeding complex for 60,000 head in Tosno district of Leningrad Region in the current year. The project is part of the State Program on Agricultural Complex Development.

5m Editor