Pig Producer Prices Hit the Floor Again

by 5m Editor
14 November 2008, at 11:41am

IRELAND - IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Michael Maguire expressed serious concern for the pig sector, following announcements by pigmeat processors both north and south of price cuts for this week’s pigs.

Pig farmers are now below break even again, and Michael Maguire said the situation is completely unsustainable.

He said, “The market has been very difficult on the continent over the last number of weeks with weekly price falls recorded, however Irish prices have simply followed EU prices down despite the fact that Irish prices never reached the late summer continental highs.“

Mr. Maguire said “the consensus from all our recent IFA regional pig member meetings is that the Irish pigmeat producers and processors must once again pick up the campaign to reclaim the home market. This will be achieved through a revamped marketing strategy by Bord Bia, increased surveying of the retailers and processors and a name and shame campaign revealing those who are not supporting the Irish pigmeat sector.“

Michael Maguire reiterated his view about the Government failure to safeguard the industry through the introduction of compulsory ‘Country of Origin Labelling’. “Until the Irish government take measures to effectively and clearly demonstrate to the consumer the origin of their food, the consumer will continue to be misled in both the retail and food service sectors,“ he said.

"It is vital that this campaign raises awareness of which companies are supporting Irish products and which are not. It is obvious that some retailers are not supporting Irish pigmeat products and unless this situation is rectified, the future of the industry is in jeopardy," he concluded.