Pork Actually Cheaper Than Tomatoes?

by 5m Editor
19 November 2008, at 8:36am

TAIPEI - Believe it or not, the price of pork has now gone lower than that of tomatoes.

The China Post reports that farmers can justify the rise in prices for produce, while hog farm operators don’t understand why they have to lose money to supply pork. As a matter of fact, 600 grams of pork steak fetch NT$70, lower than the cost of producing it. The same weight of tomato is sold at NT$78 at detail.

“We don’t know why corn and soybean powder are getting more expensive, though the surge in prices has long ceased,“ one hog farmer said yesterday. A hog is auctioned at NT$6,000 per 100 kilograms. “We are losing money,“ the hog farmer complained.