Research Report on Chinese Hog Industry

by 5m Editor
19 November 2008, at 11:12am

CHINA - As the first special research report (please follow the link below) of hog industry situation and forecast for trends in the overall hog industry chain in China, it will focus on pig breeding, feed supply, hog breeding and circulation, slaughtering and processing, pork circulation and pork product processing.

It will forecast for Chinese hog industry by five historical research chapters: policy environment of hog industry in China, pork demand, feedstuff support as well as cost and profit, by which to answer the questions some insiders suggested on the following issues:

  1. What is the prospect of the policy environment of hog breeding and processing in China?
  2. How much potential will pork demand grow further?
  3. What will be the support capability of feedstuff in China?
  4. What will be the cost and profit of hog industry in China?
  5. What is the prospect of hog industry in China under the constraints of factors, such as policy environment, feedstuff support, pork demand as well as cost and profit?
  6. What is the development model of hog industry in China in the future? What are the characteristics in different regions?
  7. How is benefit distributed in the value chain of hog industry in China? What kinds of policies will be adopted to guide the positive development of hog breeding industry and improve the reasonable distribution of value chain?

In addition, it is hoped that analysis on Chinese hog industry chain and representative enterprises will help you to acquire the most profitable investment part in Chinese hog industry. Representative enterprises are classified into different parts in the entire chain, such as breeding enterprises, slaughtering enterprises, meat processing enterprises, integrated enterprises, etc. Analysis on these classified enterprises will help you to obtain the integration advantages and opportunities in Chinese hog industry.

Further Reading

- You can view the full report by clicking here.