The New Compost-A-Mat Sizes for Pork Producers

by 5m Editor
24 November 2008, at 9:52am

US - USA Solutions has announced two new sizes of Compost-A-Mats that can be used in farrowing and wean-to-finish barns.

Producers can either use a soft mat that will last up to 10-14 days or a harder mat that will last until weaning.

A new 4' x 8' size wean-to-finish mat gives producers an additional option from the original 4' x 5'6" size. Compost-A-Mats is the cleanest way to provide draft protection to piglets because it eliminates the chance of pathogens being moved from one group of pigs to the next. The mats are free of all swine pathogens and scientific trials have shown a decrease in pre and post weaning mortality.

Compost-A-Mats are biodegradable constructed from pressed wood pulp and cornstalks without using glues or resins. The mats are designed to compost after use which saves time and labor costs compared to the hassles associated with the rubber mats.

5m Editor