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Defra: Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases

by 5m Editor
10 December 2008, at 7:48am

UK - The Government’s updated Exotic Animal Disease Contingency Plan was laid in Parliament yesterday (9 November 2008).

The revised plan is produced by Animal Health for Defra, and includes changes which have been subject to formal public consultation. This includes a framework response plan for dealing with exotic animal diseases and plans for responding to specific diseases including Foot and Mouth Disease, Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease.

The changes to the plan reflect lessons identified from the incidents handled during 2008 and address recommendations made in Sir Iain Anderson’s review of the 2007 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease and feedback from the public consultation.

Jane Kennedy, Minister for Farming and the Environment said: “An animal disease outbreak can be devastating for those concerned. Defra remains totally committed to ensuring we learn lessons from our experience of outbreaks, so that we can make sure we respond effectively in future”.

The Contingency Plan is subject to ongoing revision based on the latest scientific advice, developments in policy, comments from stakeholders and operational partners together with the lessons identified from disease outbreaks.

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