Irish Pork Update

by 5m Editor
16 December 2008, at 8:50am

UK - The UK's Food Standards Agency has updated its information on the contamination of pork with dioxins in Ireland.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a second updated 'Food Alert for Action' on the incident concerning the Republic of Ireland recall of all pork and pork products produced from pigs slaughtered in the Republic of Ireland between 1 September 2008 and 7 December 2008, because of contamination of animal feed with dioxins.

Dioxins are chemicals that get into food from the environment and are associated with a range of health effects when there is a long term exposure to them at relatively high levels. Following on from further investigations into traceability of pork, pork products and fat, more distribution information about products from the Republic of Ireland has been made available to UK local authorities.

Local authorities have been sent details of UK companies that have received pork, pork products and fat from meat processors in the Republic of Ireland. Local authorities with responsibility for these premises have been told to take action, if necessary, using the powers under the Food Safety Act 1990. Other local authorities have been asked to have regard to these products being present on the market during their routine inspections.

In the original alert, issued on 9 December, 13 processing establishments in Northern Ireland were initially identified as receiving contaminated pork from the Republic of Ireland. Investigations by district councils with responsibility for these establishments have confirmed that ten establishments have removed affected products from sale. Local authorities have been told no further action is required in relation to these ten establishments. Investigations are continuing in relation to the three remaining establishments in Northern Ireland.

Local authorities have been reminded they should still have regard to the revised actions stated in the previous update, which can be found at the link below, concerning pork, pork products and fat known to have originated from the affected herds in the Republic of Ireland.

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