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QMS: Brand Offers Pork Promise

by 5m Editor
9 December 2008, at 7:26am

SCOTLAND - Red meat assurance body Quality Meat Scotland has underlined the importance of clear labelling following the recall of Irish pork.

Extra brand ambassadors are being sent to Scottish supermarkets to assure customers about the guarantees in origin, welfare and standards offered by products carrying the Specially Selected Pork brand.

The Scottish pig industry has long been a leader in farm assurance, and now has some of the highest farming and welfare standards in the world.

Specially Selected Pork branded products come with whole chain assurance that the pigs are born, raised and slaughtered in Scotland, fed on an independently inspected and assured diet that meets the European EN450:11 standards, and spend all their lives on an assured farm.

Ninety nine per cent of pork raised in Scotland is produced within the assurance scheme and can carry the Specially Selected Pork label.

‘Uel Morton, Chief Executive at Quality Meat Scotland, said: “This situation underlines the importance to consumers of clear labelling if they want to be sure of the quality and provenance of the pork they are buying.

“Choosing products with the Specially Selected Pork label is a guarantee that what they are buying is a genuinely Scottish, high quality product that has been assured from birth to processing and has been subject to independent inspection at every stage of its life.”

Looking for the label and the promises in assurance and welfare it offers has been one of the focuses of Quality Meat Scotland’s campaigns over the past year. The Specially Selected Pork campaign is set to continue to underline this message with a new radio, tv and press campaign in January and March.

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