Record Pork Export Levels Continue

by 5m Editor
8 December 2008, at 8:58am

US - While economic caution flags are flying as we enter the final quarter of 2008, US pork export levels continued to exceed expectations through the first nine months of the year. reports that US pork exports built on the record set in August, skyrocketing 61 per cent in September over totals from a year ago. US pork and variety meat exports for the month totaled 163,055 metric tons, just shy of 360 million pounds, valued at $425.5 million. Year-to-date, pork exports are up 70 percent in volume versus 2007 to 1.5 million metric tons or 3.4 billion pounds, valued at $3.6 billion - a 64 per cent increase.

Japan is now the top market in volume and value for the year at 335,671 metric tons or 740 million pounds valued at $1.1 billion, increases of 26 and 32 per cent, respectively. Exports in September were 38 per cent higher than last year, totaling 36,394 metric tons or 80.2 million pounds.

Mexico was the second-largest destination overall for US pork in September with exports totaling 29,575 metric tons or 65.2 million pounds, up 43 per cent from a year ago and putting the January through September total at 267,230 metric tons or 589.1 million pounds - a 36 per cent hike, valued at $474.5 million, a 48 per cent increase.

The Hong Kong/China region continued to be the second-largest destination measured in volume for US pork through the first nine months of 2008, with exports up 214 per cent to 330,601 metric tons or 728.8 million pounds, valued at $572 million, a 268 per cent jump.

Russia ranked third among US pork markets in September with exports totaling 27,157 metric tons or 59.9 million pounds, near the record of 28,000 metric tons or 61.7 million pounds set the prior month. For the 2008 calendar year, U.S. pork exports to Russia stand at 168,603 metric tons or 371.7 million pounds, valued at $365 million, increases of 185 and 194 per cent, respectively.